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"Excellent! Wow Natasja, I am so thrilled. You are amazing, you understood exactly where I was wanting the book cover to go!" 

A.B. Down (author of 'Black Dogs Don't Paint')


"Your work is absolutely fantastic. Prompt, perfect and very generously priced. 

You have been a delight to work with and I assure you I will get my next book cover from you."

Dave Shaw (author of 'A Battle Lost')


"Working with Natasja was one of the better experiences I’ve had as an author working with cover artists. She was quick and professional in providing me with the first mock up. When I asked for a change she was equally quick to provide the changes and get them back to me. I was re-branding the book and she knew that it required a fast turn around. I would highly recommend Natasja to anyone needing a cover."
Rod Carstens (Author of 'Dispatches of a Future War')


"You are Beyond Super Awesome (I now understand the title of the site "Beyond Book Covers". I really appreciate you altering the image."

Edward Brown  (Author of 'Upon Birth Flawed Ideas Await')

"Without needing much guidance, Natasja dove right into the project from day one. She provided numerous options and was very flexible in my requests to make minor changes. She responded very quickly and was always supportive and professional in our communications. I would love to utilize her talents and services again and would recommend her highly to anyone!"

Ben Miller (Author of 'The Piper')

"I love the cover and I think it alone has already boosted the sales on this book."

Ellsworth Sanders (Author of 'Gamma Wind')

"Natasja amazed me with her talents, and I don't know how she did it, but she did it perfectly! If you're looking for an amazing person to specialize your next book cover, I recommend Natasja. She is friendly, she does awesome detailed work, and I'm sure she can create something spectacular for you."

Carol Staff (Author of 'That Silver Lining - The Past Returns')

"Natasja showed enormous patience and understanding not only in designing the perfect cover for my book - but also in dealing with my seemingly endless changes. As if that wasn't enough, she then helped me navigate Amazon's byzantine publishing requirements.

Great job. Many thanks." 

John Passmore (Author of 'Trident- the novel in the attic')

"It looks amazing!! Thank you so much! It's uploaded and looks amazing! I can't believe how smoothly that went! You're incredible!"

Sandra Poindexter (Author of 'Kepsium: New Earth 3093')

"You are an angel. I'm delighted with everything you did. The paperback cover looks gorgeous."

Camilla Hillberg (Author of 'The Curse of the Unnamed Kingdom') 


"I LOVE.THIS!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

It looks perfect! Thank you so much for your patience and for your talent. I am so thrilled and excited - it just looks so great!"

Alysa Salzberg (Author of Hearts at Dawn)

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